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Portable Blu-ray™ Drive Writer Buffalo BRXL PC6U2B

Mã sản phẩm: BRXL PC6U2B
Tình trạng: Hết hàng
Giá: 0 VNĐ
  • Ổ đĩa Blu-ray cao cấp của Buffalo Japan.






BRXL-PC6U2B: Portable Blu-ray™ Drive Writer (BDXL)






High capacity Blu-ray™ drive


The Buffalo USB2.0 Portable Blu-ray™ drive Writer is the ideal solution for users with a laptop or Ultrabook without any ODD installed.


With the Buffalo USB2.0 Portable Blu-ray™ drive Writer it is possible to store, edit, watch High Definition content or writing large or small amounts of data to an optical drive.

There is no additional power input required and together with the portable ultra slim design and integrated USB cables it’s ideal for users who travel frequently. With up to 128GB capacity on a single media it is possible to burn huge data files into BDXL disc.

















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