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Buffalo WSR 1166DHP Wireless Router

Mã sản phẩm: WSR 1166DHP
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Giá: 1,600,000 VNĐ

Buffalo WSR 1166DHP Wireless Router

Thiết bị phát sóng Wifi 2 băng tần chuẩn AC băng thông 1166Mbps
Phát sóng 2 băng tần 2.4Ghz và 5Ghz
Chuẩn phát sóng: AC/N/A/G/B
1 x WAN: 10M/100M/1000Mbps (auto-sense)
4 x LAN: 10M/100Mbps (auto-sense)
Tốc độ: 1166 Mbps (866Mbps (IEEE802.11ac) + 300Mbs (IEEE802.11n))

Trọn bộ gồm: Thân máy – Nguồn – Dây LAN

Hàng new 99%, full-box hoặc no-box tùy đợt hàng. 
Giá 1600k. Bảo hành 6 tháng 1 đổi 1












High-speed wireless LAN standard 11ac, high-speed and stable communication with dual-band Smartphone and tablet

In addition to high speed Wi-Fi "11ac" correspondence

high-speed communication, even to 11ac if Wi-Fi

This product is compatible with high-speed wireless LAN standard 11ac, to realize high-speed 11ac-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. 11ac because the amount of data that can be sent and received at a time there are many, is also crisp comfortable connect multiple smartphone and the 11ac-enabled devices at the same time. Even video playback and download in the smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy smoothly without interruption.

If the PC and the smartphone is 11ac correspond with each other leading to the present product, backup and synchronization of the speed of data, video transfer is also fast.

It is also compatible with conventional standard 11n, also leads to a comfortable 11ac non-compliant Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Communication speed is not fall even connect at the same time a lot of equipment

Communication bandwidth is wide in a dual-band

This product has a wide communication bandwidth can be second band simultaneous use of 5GHz and 2.4GHz, it is available in a stable manner it is possible to ensure sufficient communication You can also use a lot of equipment at the same time. Wi-Fi in you have a lot of equipment you want to connect you can comfortably use it to people.

Compatible devices as "5Ghz" "2.4GHz"

Differences in ■ 5GHz and 2.4GHz

Frequency used by the Wi-Fi There are two types of "2.4GHz" and "5GHz". "5GHz" is capable of stable communication strongly to the radio wave interference from such as a microwave oven, "2.4GHz" There are features such as rich in corresponding equipment.

To achieve a stable Wi-Fi communication with its own antenna design

HighPower difference to jump exits

This product, by arranging the communication antenna at the optimum layout to improve connection stability Wi-Fi, a more high-performance power amplifier employed in extending the distance of Wi-Fi. We've achieved a stable Wi-Fi communication.

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The connection from the troublesome personal computer can change the settings of Wi-Fi in unnecessary smartphone "Wi-Fi Remote Control"

Easy configuration changes on a computer unnecessary, Sumaho

Is possible to easily change settings from the smartphone if this product

This product, with access from smartphone tablet, you can easily change the network settings. Wi-Fi router settings, of course, settings such guest port of ON / OFF change is also possible, day-to-day operations can be done easily. Items can be easily set from smartphone tablet ● wireless LAN configuration (SSID, encryption key, changes such as channel) ● AOSS / WPS of execution (start) ● guest port (On / Off, SSID, encryption mode, use time)


Visitors can only be connected in the guest port

■ guest port function and
with this product to connect Wi-Fi a PC or smartphone owned by the visitor Internet connection only can be enabled to function. Connection to an existing home network is operational with confidence because you do not want to allow. Connection method is also well connected by the SSID · authentication key, handy Web authentication only by launching a browser to enter the user ID · password can be selected.

One-touch start-up app


You can use the smartphone app "StationRadar", you can start the "Wi-Fi remote control" simply by touching the name of the product that appears on the screen. 
Furthermore, by storing once the wireless LAN master unit used (Wi-Fi router), information confirming the touch connection and the master unit label set and parent device for each (mode confirmation, IP address, MAC address, product name, firmware version , and so on) is possible at any time.

>> For the iPhone "StationRadar (Free)" is here
>> for Android "StationRadar (Free)" is here

Easy Wi-Fi set in StationRadar

Intuitive management screen even PC

network management screen that further it became easier to use

Is used in performing the detailed setting of the wireless LAN master unit, the management screen is renewed. Easy to see, because that can intuitive, Even if you have no knowledge of the network, you can change the settings to suit the environment.

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Easy initial settings in Smartphone tablet from the Wi-Fi connection to the Internet line setting

App "QRsetup" for smartphone, tablet, easy Wi-Fi router configuration

QRsetup setting method

First download the dedicated app "QRsetup (Free)" to the smartphone-tablet. Reads the QR code that comes with this product, just follow the guide, it can be the initial setting. In addition, you can complete Internet initial setting of one ways, including the initial setting of the parent device only in the smartphone-tablet.

QRsetup setting method

>> For the iPhone "QRsetup (Free)" is here
>> for Android "QRsetup (Free)" is here

And safely in response to conventional AOSS and WPS

One button at the same time corresponding to two simple setting
Smartphone Tablet PC other than the equipment is also easily connect to Wi-Fi.
Nintendo 3DS and PSP® such as game machines, already equipment AOSS is installed, such as a printer or a variety of digital consumer electronics, I can one-touch Wi-Fi connection.
In addition, one-touch connection system "WPS" to also support that may be mounted in a variety of personal computer and digital home appliances in the future.
Also available with confidence in the future.

※ smartphone tablet, in devices other than the personal computer, it will not be able to perform the Internet line settings.

※ In order to perform the settings AOSS / WPS, it must correspond to the wireless LAN base unit and wireless LAN terminal both AOSS / WPS.

※ For the method of connecting with AOSS, please refer to each product documentation.

※ It does not guarantee operation in all of wireless LAN built-in laptop.

※ WPS, the corresponding only Windows (and later XP). Mac is WPS-enabled

※ Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS are trademarks of Nintendo.

※ PSP® is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment.


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Full port corresponding to the best large-capacity data can be high-speed communication to light the Internet "Giga"

Giga1000Mbps (standard value) INTERNET port with four units can be connected all ports Giga correspondence

This product, LAN terminal (4-port), INTERNET terminal (1 port) supports Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T). If Giga-compatible LAN terminal mounting equipment (the PC or network-compatible HDD) was a wired connection, because that can be a high-speed communication of 1000Mbps (standard value), it is best to light the Internet to those who use.

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Relay function to eliminate the radio waves of the blind spot that can be used to relay from third-party products

Arrive at relay function, spread

It can be relayed to the extension and blind spot area of ​​the communication distance relay function

Supporting a wireless communication function between two wireless LAN master unit. Extension and of the communication distance, it will allow the relay to the blind spot area out of reach of radio waves.

Other companies or even possible relay from conventional wireless LAN base unit

Other companies or even possible relay from conventional wireless LAN base unit

Also available to the relay from the wireless LAN base unit and traditional products of third-party.When connecting with the wireless LAN base unit that had been used until now, of the parent device setting it does not need to be changed. You can use it as before.

※ set of relay function, you need to be performed on the PC.

※ relay possible number of stages 1 stage (parent - child), it will be the only one.

※ When used as a relay machine also, you can use the multi-security in connection with the wireless LAN terminal.

※ If you want to use the relay function, you need a source of wireless LAN base unit is compatible with WPS or AOSS.

※ If you want to use the relay function, you need a source of wireless LAN base unit is compatible with 11n / a or 11ac or 11n / g / b.

It can be used as a slave unit.  It can be wireless of wired equipment if let to a wired port

If you let the wired port can also be used as a wireless LAN terminal, a wired device can be wireless of

If you let the wired port also it becomes possible to use as a wireless LAN terminal, you can wireless of wired devices such as a personal computer. Since there is no time to turn or take a LAN cable you can comfortably use.

Comparison diagram of the relay function plus the relay function

■ recommend "relay function plus (this product non-compliant function)" is for those who have more than one AV equipment
this product, it is available as well as a relay machine by changing the operation mode from the setting screen. Your existing basic "relay function" such as the takeover of the radio wave of extensions and configuration information of the router (SSID / Key) is available. 
In the "relay function" of this product, relay machine can be turned ON the power of the "DLNA (server and client) communication function" network equipment can have in and far away to be able to network playback of recorded program via the "WOL (Wake On LAN) function "does not offer any. If you would like these features to use, the product corresponding to the "relay function plus" is recommended.

※ This product is the "relay function Plus" is not supported.

※ You need to wired LAN connection the WOL-compatible devices, such as when recorder and TV relay mode.

How to set the relay function, you can see in the video.

How to set the relay function, you can see in the video. Please click the following link.

>> How to set the relay function (WSR-1166DHP2 / 1166DHP / 600DHP)

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The vertical, horizontal, wall-mounted support, corresponding to the housing colorful layout of the layout-free, it is not installed anywhere

The vertical and horizontal, corresponding to the wall-mounted, the installation method of choice stand

Upright, horizontal, wall-mounted

The [upright] by utilizing functional stand and [horizontally] to correspond to the installation method tailored to every scene in the wall-mounted. Narrow gap, in the AV rack, and without limiting the location, such as living room wall, it is possible to facilitate the connection with the digital device, expands the user's applications.

※ wall-mounted screws requires a separate prepared.

Maintain high performance in housing design that does not block the heat dissipation hole in any location

Support the high-performance "Thermal Performance"

In order to maintain Wi-Fi router (wireless LAN base unit) in a high performance, you must have the heat dissipation hole to suppress the temperature rise inside. 
This product, because it has been designed to come heat dissipation holes on the top and the bottom, easy heat is booming [aside] and even at the time of installation to the [wall hangings] can not block the heat dissipation hole, be used safely I can.

※ wall-mounted screws requires a separate prepared.

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