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Buffalo WAPM 1166D Wireless Access Point With 11ac

Mã sản phẩm: WAPM 1166D
Tình trạng: Hết hàng
Giá: 3,999,000 VNĐ
  • Dòng Wifi dành cho doanh nghiệp cao cấp nhất hiện nay, rất hiếm.
  • Phát cùng lúc 2 băng tầng song song 2.4Ghz và 5Ghz. với chuẩn 11ac/n/a/g/b 866+300Mbps.
  • Rất nhiều phần mềm hỗ trợ, bảo mật chuyên nghiệp.
  • Phát sóng cực mạnh, hỗ trợ PoE (không cần adapter)






School or office Wi-Fi environment to the optimum 11ac corresponding corporation for wireless LAN access point WAPM-1166D
   866 + 300Mbps 
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Also download educational materials and resources to achieve a smooth high-speed transfer 11ac

Corresponding to the high-speed wireless LAN standard "11ac"

11ac and the maximum transfer standard of conventional wireless LAN standard

About 2.8 times as compared with the conventional 11n ※ high speed transfer rate. Possible to transfer large amounts of data in a short period of time, is also a smooth download of teaching materials and resources via a wireless LAN. Since even the conventional standard 11n / a / g / b-board equipment can be connected, without Kaikaeru the wireless device you have, you will be appointed the easy comfortable wireless LAN environment. Also, even if you have introduced a large number of smartphone and tablet of the future 11ac correspondence, purchase replacement of the access point is not required, you can use for many years to come.

※ If you compare the standard maximum value 2014/9 currently our research

11ac (Draft) often amount to carry if at once compliant version

■ A high-speed wireless LAN standard "11ac"
and "11ac" is a new technology for speeding up the development by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has been promoted. By the Radio Law revision of March 2013, it can now be used as a high-speed wireless LAN standard "IEEE802.11ac" in Japan. By the "bandwidth expansion", "expansion of the MIMO system," "multi-level modulation signal", compared to 11n of the conventional standard, high-speed of about 11.5 times (standard maximum). Security device from digital consumer electronics, such as an automobile, a plurality of devices to each other at the same time, you can connect smoothly to the radio. >> For more information on 11ac, see "11ac feature".

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Anyone can provide a communication environment at the time of communication is possible in disaster "emergency mode" with the setting change to a common SSID

WLS-ADT from the emergency mode can be the password input unnecessary and communication bulk switching

This product is, even if there is no input of the password can communicate only by specifying a common SSID is equipped with "emergency mode". 
If installed in a place which can be a place of refuge, such as gymnasiums and local governments of the facilities of the school, and to "emergency mode" ON in evacuees can be a communication from the smartphone and tablet, safety confirmation contact you can know and disaster information. 
Configuration changes because it can be performed from the management screen (※) and WEB setting screen of the software, it is the setting of an emergency change also safe.

※ There is a need to set this product in advance group mode in the management software WLS-ADT.

Possible collective switch to the "emergency mode"

Installing a button on a prominent place

Possible to collectively switch between multiple access points to the "emergency mode". By leaving the pre-configured, Even if you do not have knowledge of a professional, you can activate the setting to the target device with the push of a button in the event of an emergency.

※ possible only from the management software WLS-ADT

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Low-power design that supports equipped with energy-saving model energy-saving eco-function

Corresponding to PoE to reduce the burden at the time of introduction

It can power the power supply by using a LAN cable

This product is compatible with PoE that can power the power supply by using a LAN cable. 
Because it operates in a conventional 802.3af, it is also possible for you to directly use the existing PoE power supply equipment.

WLE-OP-AC12 (optional)

■ prepare the AC adapter as an option.

AC adapter is not included with this product environmentally friendly. In the case of using the AC adapter, the optional AC adapter of "WLE-OP-AC12 Please use the" (sold separately).

LED off feature to reduce power consumption

LED off feature to reduce power consumption

By using the LED off, to reduce the power consumption at the time of the wireless LAN use.

Adjust the power supply of the wired LAN.  Automatic power adjustment function equipped with a "Random power-saving NEXT"

"Random power-saving NEXT"

By the automatic power control function "Random power-saving NEXT", automatically to automatically determine the power of the personal computer is limited and the power supply to the port and unused ports that are turned OFF, the length of the LAN cable that is connected It has achieved a clever power-saving to adjust the power on. To achieve significant power savings of power in many offices the PC is shut down at night. It also corresponds to the "Random power-saving NEXT" in idle stop mode (IEEE802.3az EEE), power when the data does not flow also automatically reduced. Also achieved significant power savings in the office during business. 

※ It is necessary that the instrument connected in the LAN cable is compatible with IEEE802.3az EEE.

Compact size that does not choose the location

It led to a significant reduction of the housing by low power consumption. In to look and clean simple design, choosing a location, does not impair the appearance of the school and office.

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Wireless LAN system centralized management software, "WLS-ADT" easily the introduction and advanced operation of the corresponding wireless LAN

Management together with WLS-ADT

This product is compatible with software "WLS-ADT" that can be managed with collectively more than one access point. 
"WLS-ADT" can be set management in bulk, such as setting and radio adjustment at the time of introduction, when a failure occurs also possible to check the status of the device from the list. You can respond quickly to trouble. 
Also a large number of environment the introduction of the access points are available in a simple management method.

>> For more information, please refer to the wireless LAN system centralized management software, "WLS-ADT"


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Security of the corresponding peace of mind to IEEE802.1x / EAP authentication and multi-SSID

Achieve a robust security in cooperation with Racius server

Possible to connect the user with access allowed by the powerful security

The combination of the RADIUS server, corresponding to only users who have permission to IEEE802.1X / EAP authentication to connect to the network. User information is centrally managed by the RADIUS server, it is easy to user management. In addition also supports MAC address filter based on the local DB in the internal MAC address authentication (scheduled to be supported) or a wireless access point on the basis of the registered MAC address to the RADIUS server.

■ Operation valuated Radius (authentication) server and the supplicant


WAPM-1166D (Ver. 1.2.7 or later)

Radius (authentication) server Soliton Systems 
NetAttest EPS ST-04 (Ver. 4.8.1)
Authentication method EAP-TLS
Supplicant  [Microsoft] 
Windows 8.1 64Bit 
OS standard supplicant 
iOS (Ver. 8.0.2) 
Android (Ver. 5.0)


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Mounting bracket included.  Also security case available (sold separately) can be free installation.  Also prevent theft and mischief

Rich installation options

Wall mounting ceiling

Standard attach a mounting bracket that can be installed in high places, such as wall-mounted or ceiling. Also easy installation of the steel wall is possible magnet kit ( BS-MGK-A ) (sold separately) to be compatible. High degree of freedom of the installation will be installed in more places where radio waves are stable.

This product is a conventional product of WAPM-APG600H, WAPS-APG600H, because you are using the same chassis as the WAPS-AG300H, as it is available a conventional product mounting holes and various options. Replacement installation at the time of replacement has been considered so that easy to do.

>> For more information on wireless LAN-only option, please click here.

Consideration to security after installation

Consideration to security after installation

Prevent access to the equipment of theft and various ports, it offers a security case to prevent unnecessary network trouble (WLE-OP-SC) (sold separately). Such as public facilities and schools, in places touching the unspecified number of eyes, perfect for theft and mischief prevention. If you use a Kensington lock (sold separately), you can more firmly prevent theft.

>> For more information on WLE-OP-SC, please click here.

※ Kensington lock, please use a commercially available ones.

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Other Features

Saved and can restore the settings of the wireless access point in the USB memory

Or save it to a USB memory that the current settings to the PC or on the connection of the access point, you can restore the saved configuration file to the USB memory you have a personal computer on and connected to the access point. By saving and restoration is possible, when a trouble occurs in the access point, it can be restored to the settings that were saved even if replacement equipment, it is possible to save the labor of the initial setting.

Corresponding to various basic functions of the wireless LAN

  • WEP (64 / 128bit), corresponding to IEEE802.1x / EAP, WPA / WPA2-PSK and WPA / WPA2-EAP
  • STA separator and SSID separator corresponding to cut off the communication between the wireless terminal
  • Prevent the connection of unauthorized wireless terminal by Any connection refused and SSID hiding
  • Corresponding to the SNMP, enables equipment monitoring using the existing network management system
  • By the connection limited number of wireless terminal, thereby load balancing of the radio band
  • The QoS / WMM support, can be transferred wearing a priority, such as real-time applications
  • It is possible to minimize network downtime by STP corresponding to support a redundant configuration of network

3-year warranty for peace of mind

3-year warranty for peace of mind

Points for stable network operation, the reliability of the network equipment that is most important. By the pursuit of quality, such as the selection of high-reliability parts by our own corporate quality standards we are working on long-life design. In addition we have achieved a three-year warranty as a result of efforts to high reliability.


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